Thank you to Icons of Fright for their enthusiastic post about “The Entity”

Here’s the blog post from earlier this year, about “The Entity” coming out on Blu-Ray.

Frank wrote the screenplay, and it was based on his novel of the same name.



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Frank De Felitta

Frank De Felitta, an award-winning documentary film director, author of several best-selling novels and a film director, has written, in L’Opera Italiano, a loving but hard headed and level-eyed memoir of his father, an illiterate Italian immigrant, a womanizer and a gifted mural painter. The feuds and loves are played out in all their foibles, dishonesties, generosities and passion but always with intensity, without sentimentality but with, as is De Felitta’s gift, a full human understanding. At the age of 90, De Felitta’s mastery of story telling art has combined with decades of deep reflection on the meaning of his family’s lives. L’Opera Italiano is beautifully illustrated with old photographs and mementos including puppets which De Fellita has made. It is a book straight from a rich heart which will be a joy for those who also read from the heart.

– Steve Weiner

Author of “Sweet England”

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Indiewire loved Booker’s Place

Here’s a link to Leonard Maltin’s review of Ray’s documentary, which he titled “Revisiting History.”

I had no idea that Raymond’s father, Frank De Felitta, made award-winning documentary films for NBC News in the 1960s. Recognizing this, his son started posting some of his father’s work online. The one that resonated with many people was Mississippi: A Self Portrait, made in 1966. In it, an illiterate black waiter at a popular restaurant in Greenwood, Mississippi unexpectedly opened up for the camera, and told what it felt like to be mistreated by some customers, while always maintaining a smile. This impromptu monologue may have cost him his life.