Frank De Felitta is the author of several novels, including AUDREY ROSE, THE ENTITY, OKTOBERFEST, SEA TRIAL, GOLGOTHA FALLS, and FUNERAL MARCH. Both AUDREY ROSE and THE ENTITY were also made into movies. His latest book is L’OPERA ITALIANO, available as an e-book in  2012.

Here is his IMDB profile.


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  1. I’m writing with a query about an interview.

    I’m the former co-editor of The Scream Factory, and editor (for 25 issues) of Cemetery Dance, as well former lead horror reviewer for Publishers Weekly. In addition to editing TSF and CD, I also sporadically wrote a column, “Where Are They Now?” that appeared in both magazines. As its name implies, the column specialized in tracking down folks who had achieved some degree of notoriety in the horror genre, but had since left the field or entirely gone off the radar.

    I’m now reviving that column in Dark Discoveries magazine (http://darkdiscoveries.com/ – issue #22 is due out shortly), and thought you’d be an excellent candidate. If you’re willing, I’d send you a short list of questions to respond to (alternatively, we could conduct the interview via phone). Thanks for listening, and let me know your thoughts.

    Robert Morrish

    • Hello Robert,
      This is the moderator of Frank’s blog. I’d be more than happy to pass your questions along to Frank. Please let me know the best email address for you and we can exchange contact info.
      thank you!

  2. Hello, I operate a small press that specializes in undeservedly out-of-print horror fiction. I see that ‘Audrey Rose’ is available in e-book form, but ‘The Entity’ appears to be out-of-print. Would you have any interest in seeing it returned to print? Our website is http://www.valancourtbooks.com. Thank you and best wishes, Jay

  3. I notice that while several of Mr de Felitta’s have their own Wikipedia entry, there is no article for Mr. de Felitta himself. Does Mr. de Felitta have a press release or biography to place on Wikipedia?

  4. Dear Mr. De Felitta,

    I recently read “The Entity”, then went back and watched the movie for the first time since the early 1980’s. I thoroughly enjoyed both, but favor your book more.

    Anyways, I’m sorry to bother you (and the Moderator) with such a trivial question about the movie, but there’s virtually no information about the music played in the movie. I’m trying to find out about the band I believe to be “Risky Shift”. There’s a song playing about 8 minutes into the movie while Barbara Hershey is walking through the hallway and David Labiosa is listening to a song on the radio in the bedroom. I’m trying to find information about that song such as the band and has there ever been a soundtrack released which included the songs?

    I know this is a long-shot and you are a very busy person and I’m mildly embarrassed to even be asking this, but if you remember any of those details or happen to know of anyone involved that would be kind enough to offer assistance, it’d truly be appreciated. Apparently others have asked about this same question on different internet sites (as well as myself) with no helpful answer.



  5. Hello Ryan.
    This is the moderator writing back. Thank you for your supportive words about The Entity. So glad you enjoyed it. Frank says he doesn’t recall the song that was playing in the movie, and regrets not being able to help you out. My only suggestion would be to use the Shazam app and hold your phone up to the speaker when the movie is playing. It’s for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc. and can be found at Shazam.com. It’s very good at identifying music. Hope that helps.
    Best wishes.

  6. Was wondering where Frank came up with the name for the character Audrey Rose? The book came out when I was a teenager and I was surprised when I saw it, because the girl not only had my first and middle name, but also my last. Had some fun with that in school. Best regards, Audrey

    • Hi Audrey,
      Frank says this is just a coincidence and assured me the character wasn’t based on you!
      Congratulations on having a cool name, though.
      Best wishes.

  7. Trying to reach Mr. De Felitta and/or his representative to discuss an opportunity. can someone please respond with appropriate contact info at the email provided in this post.

  8. Hi Frank! I’m a screenwriter (and fan!) from LA — Wondering if you could send me a quick email — Just wondering the status of a certain book that spoke volumes to me when I was a kid! Thanking you in advance, Salvador Paskowitz – sal.paskowitz@gmail.com

  9. Dear Mr. DeFelitta: Thank you very much for the gift of “Oktoberfest,” which I finished in one day. I could not pull myself away.

    As a fan of international/foreign cop stories, the police-procedural aspect was tough for me in terms of suspension of logic, though the story was strong enough to willingly suspend belief. More urgently, though, the sites were so vibrantly painted, I believed I was there. And I confess, your compelling characters and their traumatic events caused me to have to read the second half through a mist, continually swiping away tears.

    Thank you VERY much.

    PS I have owned “The Entity” for many years.

  10. Hi there,

    Big fan here. Absolutely loved The Entity and Audrey Rose. I wondered if I may ask how Mr. De Felitta did his research on Doris Bither. Was this via interviews or independent research.

    Thanks for your time

    • Hello, Chris. This is the moderator for Frank’s blog. I can tell you that Frank interviewed and observed Doris in person for at least a year before writing The Entity.

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