A blogger and movie fan reviews a TV movie from 40 years ago!

Thanks, Ex-Ninja, for your great review of my 1973 movie, “Trapped.” Glad you enjoyed it!


5 thoughts on “A blogger and movie fan reviews a TV movie from 40 years ago!

  1. Mr De Felitta, it’s an honor! 🙂
    I’m also a huge fan (aren’t we all?) of Dark Night of the Scarecrow, one of the best TV-movies ever made! Right I’m on the hunt for Scissors, which I heard a lot of good about!

  2. Hello Frank, Ed Boruff from Tennessee here, I still remember baby sitting Raymond and meeting your lovely wife Dorothy. Do you still have the Little Jag or was that the car Raymond latched on to ?

  3. I have attempted for a very long time to find a way to contact Mr. DeFelitta. I read “Audrey Rose” when it was first published (and “For the Love of Audrey Rose”). In fact, I still have my paperback copy of them. The biography of Audrey Rose’ s father that appears in it (about page 35 of the paperback) includes references to Carnegie Mellon University and an address on Wellington Drive in West View PA. I live on South Fork Drive which corners with Wellington Drive. I have always wondered howw Mr. DeFelitta knew of the area as it is a quite small plan of homes. In fact, I live in the home that my grandparents built 78 years ago. And my grandfather, a chemical engineer, was a CMU graduate.
    I now attempt to contact Mr. DeFelitta again as I have searched for years for a television program that I saw when I was 8 years old. I have always remembered the name of it, “The Stately Ghosts of England”, but have never been able to find it. That is until last night, when I once again, searched the internet for it and found it available on YouTube. You can’t imagine my surprise when I read the credits and discovered that it was Producd and Directed by Mr. DeFelitta.
    He keeps appearing in various ways during my life. I would really love to know if there is a connection with him and Pittsburgh and the paranormal.
    I have always been interested in the paranormal (as was my mother) and I had read every book that Carnegie Library had on the subject by the time I was 12 years old.
    I hope and look forward to hearing back from you.
    Regards, Judith M. Jul, Pittsburgh PA

    • Hello Judith. Thank you for writing! Frank doesn’t remember specifically how he chose the names of the streets in his book, but he says Pittsburgh is a wonderful town. He remembers it as the one place in America that was doing extraordinary things with education. He produced a documentary there for NBC about black school children called “An Experiment in Excellence,” which won some awards at the time. Perhaps you can find it on YouTube or elsewhere. Coincidentally, Frank is being interviewed this week by a writer who wants to ask him about “The Stately Ghosts of England.” Perhaps when the interview is published I will link to it here. Best wishes to you.

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